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What Is Your Garden Inspiration?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was growing up, my Grandpa had what I thought was the best backyard I had ever seen. Most days, you could find him out in the backyard trimming trees or bushes, planting something new, taking care of his fruit trees or vegetables or just sitting outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying his backyard. In his garden, there were always tomatoes, zucchinis, plums, nectarines and my favorite, grapes. These grapes were unlike any grapes I had ever tasted and still to this day, have never tasted another grape like it. My Grandpa created a space that he loved to be in, his kids liked to hang out in even as adults and his grand kids loved to play ball or play hide and seek in.

What Is Your Garden Inspiration? #GroSomethingGreater

My Grandpa is now 92 years old but you wouldn’t know it. My Grandparents have since moved from the house with the great backyard into a home they’ve been in for 16 years. The backyard they have now may have rocks instead of grass (because let’s face it, at 92 years old, my Grandpa doesn’t want to cut grass anymore!) but that doesn’t mean that he has stopped growing things or taking care of the plant he loves. He may be slower than he used to be but he’s still taking the same love and care that he did in his younger years. His back patio has close to 20 cacti in pots, all different colors, shapes and sizes. There are lots of flowering bushes, vines growing up a trellis and beautiful flowers growing in the ground.

What Is Your Garden Inspiration? #GroSomethingGreater

I am admittedly not a great gardener. Oh, I try…and usually fail. But, knowing how much joy it brings to my Grandpa, I always want to keep trying. In fact, we have a cactus growing in our yard right now that we brought home from my Grandparents house, which happens to be five hours away. At first, I was annoyed. Why would he want us to travel with small kids & this big ole’ cactus? But you know what? Every time I open the gate to come into our yard, I am greeted by the cactus & the big flower that grows on top and I remember where it came from. I may never have a garden or fruit trees like my Grandpa but I will continue to choose plants that are easier to take care of but still make me happy. I’ve even used tips from my Grandpa on what to do with our rose bushes. He wrote down all sorts of things to do, like when to cut them back and to use Miracle-Gro because our soil is awful here for growing. Miracle-Gro gives our roses the nutrients that they need and can’t seem to get from the soil. It creates beautiful, wonderful smelling roses that the whole family enjoys.

Head on over to Gro Something Greater, where you can submit your own story about what inspires you to garden, what you grow & what you love growing. While you’re there, you can even click on the “New to Gardening” square and up will pop tips about “How to Make a Vegetable Garden”, “Watering Your Garden”, “Create a Container Garden” and so much more!

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