Week 5 Weigh-In with Nutrisystem


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Oh, man!  My weekly Nutrisystem update is super late this week.  I took my weekly weigh-in picture a couple days ago but with 2 boys sick at home and then I couldn’t stop watching all the coverage of the tragedy in Boston…not much got done this week.

This week, I have really focused on getting my water in every day and eating healthy snacks.  My favorite snacks still continue to be Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt (I love the lemon, pear & pomegranate), string cheese and fruit.

One of the most helpful thing is I created a group with a few of my wonderful friends that are losing weight too.  It’s so nice to be able to share things with people that truly understand what it’s like to have a bad week or what it feels like to see the number on the scale that you wanted.



Starting Weight: 241.8
Week 1 Weight: 236.3  Loss: 5.5
Week 2 Weight: 234.4 Loss: 1.9
Week 3 Weight 232.8 Loss: 1.6
Week 4 Weight 232.8 Loss: 0
Week 5 Weight 231 Loss: 1.8
Total Loss: 10.8 lb

So, my goal this week is pretty much the same as last week *sigh*.  I have got to get going on exercise.  My goal by next weekend is to try 3 different things/exercise and see what I like.  I even downloaded the C25k app to get my started in running again.  I need to get some new running shoes & get my butt out there!

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By: Tara Kramarsky

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