My Before Nutrisystem Pictures #NSNation

I promised to post some before pictures since I have started my Nutrisystem journey.  This is a really hard post for me. I took these pictures in a dressing room, trying to find some tops that fit.  I didn’t have much luck there but did find a couple at Target.  These pictures were taken right before I started bawling in the dressing room because it was the first time in a LONG time that I actually looked at myself in a mirror.

Nutrisystem #NSNation

We don’t have full length mirrors in our house.  When I brush my teeth, I don’t sit & stare in the mirror because I know I won’t be happy with what I see.  I avoid looking at my reflection in the glass when I am walking up to Target or any other store.  I avoid having my picture taken.  Honestly, until I saw these pictures & really LOOKED at myself in that mirror (and those awful store lights GEEZ!), I didn’t realize the damage I had done to my body with my overeating.  I thought I was still “just” a 1X, not a 2X or more.  I thought I was still in size 16 jeans.  When those jeans wouldn’t even come up halfway, I knew that I was in deep denial.

Nutrisystem #NSNation

You know what I would have done before after sobbing in the dressing room? I would have come home & drowned my sorrows in food.  While it is true that I went to eat lunch with my 14 year old son directly after, I had already planned on what restaurant we were going to & I knew they had a light menu that I would be perfectly happy with (and I was right!)

Nutrisystem #NSNation

Tonight at dinner, I made a mistake.  My youngest son came home with a fever from school & has been sick all day.  So, dinner didn’t get made.  Hubby came home & was dead tired so he asked if I could grab something.  I did the right thing…I looked up the menu & nutritional info of the take out place on my phone.  What I didn’t realize was, since it was so small on my phone, I was looking at calories from fat, NOT the overall calorie count!  I didn’t realize until I had eaten it all.  So, that meal was about 350 calories more than I expected.  But you know what?  I didn’t freak out.  I didn’t say “Well, screw it!  Since I messed up already, might as well eat this whole pint of ice cream!”.  It was a mistake on my part because I didn’t read the right column but it doesn’t mean I throw my hands in the air & give up.  Just the opposite, in fact.  I am learning & I am a work in progress.  I may hate these pictures that I am posting here but I post them as a reminder that this is where I never want to be again.  I want to be healthy & a brand new, HEALTHIER Tara!

To follow my entire Nutrisystem journey, please click HERE.  I appreciate all the support I have gotten more than you can ever know!

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By: Tara Kramarsky

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