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My Mom has influenced me to be the Mom that I am. Growing up, she was the Mom that helped in all of our classes at school, helped with Girl Scouts and pretty much parented us three girls by herself. My dad was physically there, but until I was 10 1/2, he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Our home life was completely normal and I didn’t see any turmoil or think we were any different from any other family. I credit my Mom with that.


While I don’t remember a certain saying or words of wisdom that she said, I think her wisdom came from her actions and the way she kept our family together (by the way, my dad has been sober since December of 1987 and I am extremely proud of him for that). As a child, I obviously didn’t realize how hard this must have been. Now that I am about 5 years OLDER than she was when my dad went into rehab, I can’t imagine having to go through all that she did, plus raising us three girls. She was only 21 when she had me (the same age I was when I had my oldest son) and she always seemed to know what the heck she was doing, although now I realize she probably didn’t and just kept it together for me & my sisters.


What about your Mom? Did she offer profound words of wisdom or show her wisdom through her actions? What about YOU? Do you give words of wisdom to your kids? I started thinking about what I want to pass on to my kids and will they remember the amazing, profound things I say every single day? (Ok, I know…that’s a stretch!)


Nestlé® Pure Life® knows that Moms are usually the best at doling out advice & wisdom. But, you can head over & LIKE their Facebook Page for more words of wisdom and tips on how to stay hydrated. Since wisdom is always best when shared (I mean, how else would we have gotten so wise, right?) share your story and your words of wisdom that have been passed down to you here in the comment section or on the Nestlé® Pure Life® Facebook wall.


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Tips For Staying Hydrated and Keeping Kids Hydrated

  • Did you know that 60% of an adult body is water? Keep it well hydrated by drinking enough water! Source: USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
  • In addition to drinking plain water every day, eating foods with high moisture content—such as fruits and vegetables—could be a good way to increase total water consumption. Water constitutes 90% of most fruits and vegetables and about 50% of meats. Source: USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks when you’re thirsty. Regular soda, energy or sports drinks, and other sweet drinks usually contain added sugar. To manage your daily calorie intake, sip water or other drinks with few or no calories. Source: ChooseMyPlate.gov
  • Drink water with and between your meals. Adults and children take in about 400 calories per day as beverages—drinking water can help you manage your calorie intakes. Source: ChooseMyPlate.gov
  • Water is a great choice when it comes to daily hydration. Have ready-to-go containers filled with water available in the refrigerator. Place them in lunch boxes or backpacks for easy access when kids are away from home. Source: ChooseMyPlate.gov

What is your #momwisdom?

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