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Learning More About My Family Tree With

Growing up and listening to stories from my grandfather, who immigrated from Mexico in 1928, has always been one of my fondest memories growing up. It was intriguing to know I had family in Mexico that even possibly originated elsewhere. As the years passed by, every time an older relative spoke about family history, or even of family stories of them growing up, I was always eager to listen.

Fast forward to today; 3 of my grandparents have now left this Earth, so the stories have dissipated. Relying on the memories I have of those stories and of my grandparents, I have turned to Ancestry to begin my research.

Learning More About My Family Tree With

Ancestry has 3 different levels of membership to choose from: U.S. Access, World Discovery, and All-Access. For myself, I have found World Discovery to be the most beneficial for my research. As of right now, I have 868 people in my family tree, with some branches going back to the 1500’s. I know I am not even halfway done yet.

Learning More About My Family Tree With

Being able to plunge into my family history has been an exciting adventure for me. I have been able to solve a couple of mysteries and learn a lot of new information about where I come from. I find myself getting lost in the records and before I know it, hours have gone by.

Learning More About My Family Tree With

Ancestry has one of the easiest-to-use interfaces I have ever encountered for any type of data research. I love the detail and clarity of their scanned records. It makes the need to translate a document much easier for the researcher. Saving to one or more than one tree is one of my favorite features.Learning More About My Family Tree With

What I eventually hope to achieve with all of this is a complete record of my family history from both sides of my family and to share it with the rest of my family. I am excited to have all my new-found information all together in one book, easily accessible for future generations to come.Learning More About My Family Tree With Ancestry.comLearning More About My Family Tree With

Learning More About My Family Tree With

Visit Ancestry to start your own journey and make sure to follow them on social media to stay up-to-date: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | Google+

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