I See Me! – 30 Days of Christmas Giveaway Event – Day 2

Welcome to A Spectacled Owl’s “30 Days of Christmas Giveaway” Event!  Each day for the month of November, there will be a new review/giveaway posted. There are AMAZING sponsors & AMAZING prizes included.  I am so excited to bring this to all of you wonderful readers and hope you will be excited as well.  Here is how it will work:

  • 30 Different Reviews/Giveaways, each posted one day after the previous one
  • Each giveaway will run 7 days
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 I See Me Book
We had the pleasure of receiving a personalized book from I See Me!  Ryan, my 4 year old, really loves reading so I thought he would love the ABC What I Can Be book.  When we got the book & opened it up, Ryan was so happy!  He loved that it said “ABC What Ryan Can Be” right on the cover.  On the inside, I got to choose a dedication, which I LOVE, and it also has his full name on the page, plus his birth date.  Each page is a different letter & a different occupation starting with that letter.  Ryan’s name is on every single page in some fun way.  A ship is called S.S. Ryan, our last name is on the back on a football uniform, there is a garden called Ryan’s Garden and so many other fun things.  We all had fun looking at each page & discovering where Ryan’s name was.
 I See Me Book

“ABC What I Can Be” is 8.5”x 8.5”, 24 pages & has a hard cover.  This book is recommended for kids 2-12 and would make a GREAT Christmas gift.  All kids love books, especially if it features them in it!

The next book I plan on buying from I See Me is the “My Very Own Name” book.  First, it’s got an owl on the cover so that’s a given but I also love how it shows how to spell out your child’s name.  I also can’t wait to get Ryan & Ashlyn (my 9 year old daughter) a personalized placemat, this one for Ryan & this one for Ashlyn.

One lucky reader will get their own personalized ABC What I Can Be book.  Check out all the great things I See Me has to offer!  You can also visit them on Facebook & Pinterest!

Winner: Julie P.

By: Tara Kramarsky

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