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AffiliateDisclaimer TopDisclaimerReviewGiveawaysI’m sure your kids are like mine and loving playing all the fun Android and iPhone apps out there. My three kids even have their own PlayMG’s so they can download apps and games (approved by my husband and I, of course) I really like for my kids to have at least a few educational games to play as well.

Preschool Games App

When I was asked to give GS Preschool Games App a try and see what I thought, I couldn’t wait. This app is meant for kids that are ages 3-6 and allow them to play all sorts of fun, colorful games that are also educational. Kids can choose from Match the Shadows, Jigsaw puzzles, Count the Objects, Solve the Maze, Memory games, Find odd items, Balloon quizzes, Scratch Paint & Compare Objects games.

Preschool Games App Preschool Games App

After your child completes a game, the app says something positive for encouragement, like Phenomenal or Excellent. I love positive reinforcement so this was great to me! Every few games that the child completes, they get to choose a sticker and it’s added to a card with the other stickers they have earned. They can look at these stickers at anytime to see their progress. Also, if there is a type of game your child doesn’t like and it pops up, they can choose to skip that particular game.

Preschool Games AppThe GS Preschool Games App is a great app to combine fun games that your kids will love with the educational aspect that you will love. Kids will want to keep coming back to complete the games & get a better score on each puzzle or game. You can find the GS Preschool Games App through the Google Play Store for Android and on iTunes for the iOS version. Both are FREE!

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  1. Karen says

    Thanks for the info! I’m definitely going to have to check out these apps. I feel bad letting my daughter play on my iPad, but if it’s educational, then there’s no need to feel guilty for just handing it to her for some calm time, right? 😉

  2. Dawn Monzu says

    I am always looking for new apps for my granddaughter. I watch her during the day, and I like having her do things that she can learn from! Thank you so much! This is some great information. God bless and Happy New Year everyone!

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