Ever wanted to make a Facebook book? Now you can with Likebook – Review

As a Mom of three, I post a lot of pictures on Facebook of holidays, first days of school, family outings and more. Since most of my family and friends are on Facebook, I don’t print them out like I used to when I had my old non-digital camera. Recently, when I went looking for a picture that my daughter needed for school, I realized that I don’t have a copy of any of the recent pictures I have taken over the last few years. The saddest part is that when my old laptop died, so did many of the originals to my pictures (learned my lesson on that one!)

Facebook book

When I was asked to review Likebook, I quickly went to their site and knew it was something I had to do. Likebook allows you to completely customize your own facebook book. Likebook even let’s you choose what kind of book you want to make. I chose the Likebook Photo Album (your photo albums with the Facebook titles and commentaries) but you can also choose from My Likebook (statuses, comments & photos), Likebook Page/Group (photos & statuses from a page or group), Likebook Love Story (this lets you link together 2 profiles and would make a fantastic wedding gift) and Likebook Friends (group the profiles of several friends in a book).

Facebook book

I chose the Photo Album book after seeing what the My Likebook looked like. I think it’s a cool idea but after seeing how many stupid sounding statuses I had (especially back in 2008 when all the statuses made you use “Tara is….” and you had to be all clever to get around that!) The Photo Album just made the most sense for me.

Facebook book

After you connect your Facebook to Likebook, all of your albums pop up. You do NOT have to have all of your albums in the book. I had albums that I chose not to have, like Profile Pictures and Wall Photos. I also realized that some of the photos needed to be in other albums so I did some rearranging and then clicked on the albums I did want included. Also, the amount of pictures & comments you add affects the price of your Likebook.

Facebook book

After choosing the pictures I wanted on the front and what I wanted it to say, I chose that I wanted to book in paperback and started clicking on which albums to add to my book. After all the albums were added, I got my total and I have to say I was surprised to see that my total was $76. Granted, $60 was taken care of for this review but I wondered if I would like it enough when I received it to see if I thought it was worth $76 out of pocket.

Facebook book

When my Likebook arrived, I was very excited to open it and look at it. My kids rushed over and loved looking through all the pictures, even though I’ve shown them the pictures online a ton. There’s just something about flipping through a book and getting to see the pictures, I think. The quality of most of the pictures are really good. You can tell some of the ones that I took with my old camera phone because it wasn’t a great camera but that’s nothing against Likebook, just my old camera 🙂 While I really like the book and seeing all of our pictures in one spot, I know that I wouldn’t be able to spend the $76 it cost for my book, especially when it was a paperback book. However, I think creating a Likebook with about 50 pages (Likebook estimates that that would cost about $26 for paperback or $32 for a hardcover book, shipping included) would make a great gift. My Grandma LOVES these kinds of gifts because she lives 5 hours away and isn’t on Facebook.

Facebook book


Want to try it out for yourself? Head on over to Likebook and try it out for yourself. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.


By: Tara Kramarsky
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