Top 10 Weight Loss Books to Help you on Your Journey


Many of us (myself included) have started the year with weight loss goals in mind. Below, I have found the Top 10 Weight Loss books to help you on your journey. They are all different because let’s face it…we don’t all lose weight the same or want the same kind of weight loss program. Whether it’s a hardcover book, a paperback or a book to read on your Kindle, there’s something for everyone! Happy reading! Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose {Read More}

25 Satisfying Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes


Are you looking to lose weight but still want to be able to have a yummy dessert? Here are 25 Satisfying Weight Watchers Desserts that you will love!

30 Weight Watchers DINNER Recipes


Finding filling dinners that my family will enjoy but that will also keep me in my Weight Watchers point range has always been important to me. I love being able to find recipes that not only do I love but that my family loves as well. Here are 30 Weight Watchers Dinner Recipes that I think you will enjoy!

20 Weight Watchers Snacks and Appetizers Recipes


One of the hardest parts with losing weight for me is finding filling & tasty snacks. Here are 20 Weight Watchers Snacks and Appetizers Recipes to keep you satisfied!

25 Weight Watchers BREAKFAST Recipes

Weight Watchers BREAKFAST Recipes

Getting your day started with a great tasting & filling breakfast is important any time. When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s really important to start your day with something healthy and will tide you over without using a ton of your daily Weight Watchers points. Here are 25 Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes to help start your day off right!