Celebrate Mom with a #Moem and Help Other Mom’s in Need!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of MetLife Foundation. All opinions are 100% mine. Mother’s Day is a day to let your Mom know how much she really means to you. Whether it’s with flowers, a nice card or treating her to a nice dinner out, showing your Mom that you appreciate everything she does is important! MetLife wants to honor Moms as well! Every time a #Moem (a tribute poem written and posted on social channels, {Read More}

Being a Mom – The World’s Toughest Job #WorldsToughestJob


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore. Let’s be honest…being a Mom is not an easy job. Sure, there are easy days or even easier phases that your kids go through. But all in all, it’s a job that takes a lot of patience, creativity, hard-work and much more. Motherhood is also a job that is very rewarding. You get to see all of your child’s “firsts”, you get daily hugs & kisses (until they {Read More}

What’s Your #Peepsonality? Make Your Easter Special With PEEPS


My favorite part about Easter has always been the candy. Sure, I love the ham dinner and all that but Easter candy is just the best! The best of the best has always been Peeps®. Every year, I knew it was getting close to Easter when the stores would start setting up all of the Easter displays and put the Peeps® front and center. All the colorful bunnies & chicks always made me so happy! When we had the chance to {Read More}

“Hoppy Easter” Bunny Printable

Hoppy Easter Easter Bunny Printable

Easter is April 20th…are you already planning your menu, what you’re going to wear and how your Easter eggs will be decorated? I have to admit, I haven’t thought a ton about it but I know that it’s time I start! The first thing I decided to do was print out this brand new “Hoppy Easter” printable, spray paint an old frame the exact shade of lavender (the color is off in the photos but I promise it’s a great {Read More}

American Greetings New Video eCards


This post brought to you by eCards from American Greetings. All opinions are 100% mine. Sending cards in the mail is still fun for me (and I love receiving them too). But, I also love sending eCards. The best thing about eCards is you can personalize them to say what you want them to say and have them arrive exactly when you want them to arrive, connecting instantly with the ones you love! With American Greetings new singing greeting Video {Read More}

MIXIM Love Boat Event – Valentine’s Day


This post is brought to you by Ehrmann USA. All thoughts & opinions are my own. I’m a huge lover of Greek yogurt. When I first heard about it a couple years ago, I really didn’t want to try it but I finally gave in & I’ve loved it ever since. One of the great companies I have leaned about recently is Ehrmann MIXIM™ Greek yogurt. This delicious yogurt has made it’s way to Southern California store shelves I can’t wait {Read More}

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards – Three to Choose From!

Screenshot from 2014-02-02 20:08:34

Have you started thinking about Valentine’s cards for your kids’ classrooms? I want to share three great options that will be fun for any classroom! Each one has a suggestion on how to add a treat that fits with it’s them but the sky is the limit! Click on each one and a PDF will open with 9 cards each. Print out all 3 for a variety or several sets of one. Have fun! Printable Valentine’s Day Cards Attach this {Read More}