Family Night with Big G Cereal Movies

Family Night with Big G Cereal Movies

Thank you to General Mills for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring us to bring the family together for a movie night! With a 6 year old, a tween & a teen, it’s hard finding a movie that everyone agrees on for Family Movie Night. But, when we do find a movie, we always have so much fun! This past weekend we not only had fun with a free movie, thanks to the General Mills and Fox Movie Download Promotion but we {Read More}

How to Make Summer Educational and FUN!

Happy little girl in the green park

Summer’s here, and so is the brain drain! Turn off that television, and get outside to have some fun – but don’t forget to learn something in the process! These tips will help make summer educational and fun. Use every day as a learning experience. Whether you’re heading to the zoo or the movies, there’s always an educational experience available! I like to ask the kids if they know how many miles it is to our destination. That can open {Read More}

Eating Out Just Got Easier With BJ’s Restaurants #DineInOrderAhead


Sometimes going out to eat with a family of 5 isn’t all that enjoyable. You have to get ready to go, find a place that everyone agrees on, get to the restaurant, wait for a table, wait to order, wait for your food, wait for the check to come…you get the point. We’ve recently found a couple shortcuts at one of our favorite restaurants and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Celebrating Extraordinary Kid’s with Stanford Children’s Health #YourExtraordinaryKid


Kids are extraordinary every day. It’s not just the big momentous occasions, like graduating from elementary school, or the huge milestones, like learning to walk on their own. Every day, our kids do things that make them extraordinary. That’s my son Ryan in the picture above. He’s 6 years old and just finished kindergarten. When Ryan was 3 1/2 he started taking speech therapy classes because we couldn’t understand probably about 90% of what he was trying to say. It was {Read More}

10 Budget Friendly Summer Activities

Budget Friendly Summer Activities

Summer is a time of fun, family activities and lazy days. Sometimes it’s hard to think of new things to do with your kids or the things that sound fun, sometimes cost a lot of money! Here are 10 Budget Friendly Summer Activities for you to enjoy with your family this Summer! 1. Bike or hike State or County Parks. A day pass is inexpensive or consider the value of a year long pass, which offers a multitude of options {Read More}