80+ Media Companies and Networks for Bloggers


When you first start out blogging, it’s hard to know where to go or how to go about doing sponsored posts. There really are a lot of Media Companies and Networks for Bloggers out there that will help you take out the guess work of having to contact a company directly and set everything up… [Read More…]

What I learned from my first Blog Conference #BBCDallas

5am at LAX airport. Super tired but excited to start our journey (That's Dinah!)

When I first started blogging, I did it because I loved going to other blogs, reading what they had to say & entering giveaways on their sites. I wanted to do that too because it looked like fun. While it is fun, it’s also A LOT of work. I didn’t know that you can actually… [Read More…]

Pay It Forward Backpack Event


Back-To-School is everywhere! The topic, the supplies, the s even here on this blog I’ve done a bunch of posts and giveaways about it. While I am kind of burnt out on BTS, there’s one thing I’m not burnt out on & that’s paying it forward & helping others. I signed up to do a… [Read More…]