The Amazing Zhus – Amazing Fun Just in Time for the Holidays

Every year there is a toy that all the kids want. You can’t find them in stores and everyone is searching for them. The kids who get them have “the best toy ever”. One of those toys this year is the Amazing Zhus. The Amazing Zhus, available exclusively at Walmart, are cute little pets are decked out and ready for their performances, much like the old traveling shows. Are you ready to be A-Maazzed?


There are 6 pets available, The Great Zhu, Madame Zhu, Piccadilly, Dynamo, Abra, and The Great Kardini.

The Amazing Zhu Pets come with an on/off switch with 3 operating buttons and 3 modes, to help these cute little guys zoom around, making fun noises. When you add in the accessories, the Amazing Zhu Pets do tricks and stunts and even perform magic tricks. Some of the additional accessories are a Circus Ball, a High Wire, the Disappearing Box Trick, Cereal Box, a Magician Shell Game, the High Dive, the Tomato Can and a Train Car Carrier.

IMAGE A Great Zhu rev

My kids got to play with Dynamo and the Disappearing Box Trick. My youngest son, who is 6, loved trying to figure out how the Amazing Zhu Pet could actually disappear from the box and loved showing his oldest siblings how to make Dynamo disappear.

IMAGE A Madame Zhu rev

These cute little pets are not furry like their predecesors and come with batteries, so they are ready to play straight from the box. The Amazing Zhu Pets are now available for preorder for the holiday season.

Head on over to Wal-Mart to find out more about The Amazing Zhus.

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