Adorable Owl Soap

Owl Soap

Aren’t my new owl soaps cute? Stephanie from The Collegiate Conquest made them for me and I think they’re adorable!  Stephanie knew I liked owls and let me choose the color & scent.  I chose grapefruit for the green one, sugar plum for the purple & honey almond for the pink.

Owl Soap

Stephanie can make soaps in a plain bar or an owl shape.  The scents that these soaps can come in are lavender, orange zest, grapefruit rush, honey almond, vanilla, peppermint & sugar plum.  She can do the soaps in any color so you can mix & match anything.  Stephanie says she is open to ideas and requests for shapes and/or scents.

Plain bars are $2.50 each, specialty bars (like the oatmeal, milk & honey bar in the picture below) are $3.50 each & the owl soaps are $4 each.  Shipping depends on bars ordered. Owls and such require larger packaging to prevent damage (basic shipping is $3.50 & large shipping is $5)

Owl Soap

To order your soaps, you can LIKE The Collegiate Conquest on Facebook and either post on Stephanie’s wall or send her a message.  There will be coupons & deals posted on her FB page too!

Don’t forget to check out The Collegiate Conquest where Stephanie shares how to make soap & much more, too!



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  1. Sandy McFadden says

    She is so talented I like the specialty bars she makes as well. I have sensitive skin and sometimes I can’t use the nice perfumed soaps. I would so love to try hers.

  2. Karen Glatt says

    These really are adorable Owl Soaps that so unique and I would love to have them in my home. Thanks for sharing!

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